The Volcano vaporizer is yet another classic selection when it comes to the best vaporizers. This is the perfect desktop vaporizer. This vaporizer makes use of a vacuum system that is used for pumping in the filtered air.

This air is then heated and made to reach a temperature at which the vaporization will occur. The warm air would be passing over the aromatic blends and this air fills into the Volcano balloon through the forced air methodology.

You can easily use the vaporizer once the balloon is filled with the vapor.

Let us a have a bird’s eye view into this vaporizer by going through the following pros in the volcano vaporizer review.

You get a choice amongst two models when you buy the Volcano Vaporizer. Choose between the digit or classic model. Both these models are compatible with the solid valve and easy valve systems.

The digit model has control buttons for controlling the temperature. The classic model involves analog temperature control. The digit model even has an automatic turnoff unit.

If you do not use the vaporizer for 30 minutes it would turn off automatically. Well this would not be the case with classic model. It does not have an automatic shutoff timer.

It is up to you to either opt for the easy valve system or the sold valve system. Both these valve systems are compatible with the volcano vaporizer.

Purchasing the Volcano vaporizer would be a smart bargain because you would get a fully equipped box. You would get two air filters, user manual, Storz and Bickel grinder along with the Volcano vaporizer.

The Pros

This volcano vaporizer review will unveil the benefits coming your way.

  • The volcano vaporizer has a superb construction and would prove to be a durable product. There is a finesse to the design and you can easily get quality vapor production.
  • The problem for most users is that they have to invest time and effort in learning how most vaporizers operate. However, this would not be the case with this vaporizer. You will master the art of handling it because it is easy to operate.

The Cons

I would like to identify only one eminent flaw about this item in the volcano vaporizer review. The only issue is that the price of this item is a bit high, but this might be your only complaint. If the manufacturer can make some adjustments in this area this product is simply awesome.


This vaporizer is most appropriate for frequent users. Volcano vaporizer would definitely be a convenient option to come your way. This vaporizer is a competitive product and is available in the market so you would definitely appreciate this table top product.

This vaporizer is perfect for users who do not like complex or difficult to use vaporizers and want to go the simple way. I think after having a look at this volcano vaporizer review you should be convinced that you are going for a quality vape.

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