Vaping is now one of the most popular trends amongst ardent smokers. Most of the smokers are of the opinion that vaporgenie vaporizer is one product that should have hit the market earlier.

The reason is that it has loads of benefits for the users. This exclusive product allows the users to vape almost anywhere discreetly.

Many vaporizers have made way to the market, but Vaporgenie vaporizer is one of the few products that have left their impact on the users. Let us explore this product in detail and let you know what incentives and benefits it has got for you. This product personifies a modern approach toward vaporization. It has a traditional design.

When you buy this vaporizer you get a removable mouthpiece, top having ceramic filter and user manual along with the vaporizer. This product is made up of maple wood and stainless steel.

The vapor is created by making use of the indirect heat from the filter. When you have to use this vaporizer you simply have to unscrew the top.

The ground blends need to be loaded into the chamber. Next you should be replacing the top and make sure to apply the flame from the lighter. However, make sure that the flame does not come in direct contact with the ceramic filter.

The temperature can be controlled by adjusting the flame or changing the inhalation speed.

The Pros

This vaporgenie review intends to give you a realistic picture so following are some of the pros of this vaporizer that will definitely impress you.

  • This superb vaporizer can be termed as a lightweight product and is portable so you can carry it around with ease.
  • The most amazing aspect about this vaporizer is that it is affordable and would not be beyond your pocket for sure.
  • This vaporizer would start immediately and would help you save up on your precious so it is definitely a convenient choice.
  • The quality of this vaporizer is far more superior in comparison to the counterparts and it would definitely give you the best vapor.
  • The construction of this vaporizer is superb, so even if you accidently drop it, no damage would be evident on the vaporizer. Therefore, this vaporizer can definitely be classified as a durable product.

The Cons

Well an honest vapor genie review would be incomplete without a note of improvement. You might find it a bit troublesome to control the flame, so this aspect of the vaporizer needs improvement.


The Vaporgenie vaporizer pipe is the perfect selection for a working person who has to travel quite often. This vaporizer would contribute to the comfort.

You should not be reluctant to spend on this vaporizer and once you try it out then believing in the quality of this vaporizer would not be that hard. Just invest some time on learning how to use this vaporizer properly and this would simplify the usage process for you.

Do not miss out on this superb vaporizer and buy it right away. You would definitely be pleased with your decision. And for other portable devices have look at this review and this too.