Another noteworthy vaporizer in the market today is the Vapir NO2. This product belongs under the category of portable vaporizers; however, Vapir NO2 is quite bigger in comparison to the well-publicized Launch Box, making you feel like you are holding a bottle of drink rather than a vaporizer.

Vapir also allows you to make us of your other hand because it can be basically used by just one hand.

The Vapir NO2 is designed with complete digital control for temperature; it also allows you to like each experience since it is cordless, thus, you can dismiss the idea of having to look for any electric outlet to make it work.

It also has a vivid digital display, which shows the actual battery level, temperature level, which can be set in Fahrenheit or Degree Celsius.

Pros and Cons

The Pros

Even those with no experience using vaporizers can figure out how it works. With its red button located at the front and the power button, anyone can be across how this vaporizer works. Also, you can simultaneously charge while using the product.

Vapor quality is remarkable and can similarly compete with other high-prices vaporizers.

While others are used to setting temperature in Fahrenheit, you can also set it is Celsius; no need for temperature conversions.

It has a rapid heating process, which minimizes the waiting time for you to use it.

Packed with simple easy-to-use pieces; this is even good for those using vaporizers for the first time.

For those using it at home, you can plug and use it at the same time; however for those always on the go, thereís always the rechargeable battery. So either way, it is very usable.

It saves battery life and herb because it is equipped with an automatic power-off feature after twenty minutes of idle use.

The Cons

Because a lot of smaller versions and models have been introduced to the market, the Vapir NO2 is sad to say, a lot bigger and is difficult to carry or put in the pocket. Many users tell of this problem with a Vapir NO2 review.

It has two screens, which means a bigger maintenance cost for you should you need to replace both. And although the purpose of the other screen is to prevent the medicine from plummeting into the heater, it might still require replacement, sooner or later.

The Vapir NO2 has a small bowl compared to other portable vaporizers sold in the market today, but the difference is not that significant.


After going through some helpful reviews, the Vapir NO2 vaporizer can be safely defined as indeed a quality product. Beginners can greatly benefit from this easy-to-use product and those looking for simple-use portable vaporizers.

The vapor is strong and it has a nice effect and is definitely satisfying to its users. I can say that with just a few weeks of using it, I am amazed at how much satisfaction I got from my purchase of this product. For other handheld vaporizers check out our reviews here, here and here