What is a vaporizer pen?

Vaporizers are quite popular with lots of people who still wish to enjoy the satisfaction gleaned from smoking, but without the harmful effects which are associated with burning/combustion.

Even though there are lots of different vaporizers out there, vaporizer pens and e-cig pens are becoming increasingly popular, because other ease of use and compact nature.

A vape pen functions much like the e-cigarette, but with the added convenience of being able to incorporate your personal preference of oils, waxes and dry blends.

What do vaporizers do?

The vape pen works on the principle of producing an inhalable vapor by heating a product within its chamber. The most commonly used products in vapor pens are e-liquids, waxes, dry herbs and essential oils – they can be used with various vaporizers with the exception of those that require particular products for functioning properly.

In any case, the most used products with a vaporizer pen are dry herbs and essential oils, which yield the best quality vapor for the user.

There are several companies which manufacture vape pens, with the majority havening standard parts like a lithium ion battery, chargers as well as a few modular parts, among other components.

Where to get a vape pen?

They look pretty much like ordinary fountain pens (hence their name) and can be purchased both online and locally, and are a worthy alternative to smoking if you’re looking for it.

To vape or to smoke?

To answer the question of whether vaping is better than smoking, bluntly, yes – there are several benefits that vaping has over smoking, but these can only be maximized by choosing the best vaporizer available in the market.

For starters, vape pens should incorporate a battery utilizing the Li-ion principle, which will make it long lasting and suitable for a unit which will see frequent use.

The unit should also be able to work with different products which can be heated in its chamber to produce vapors which are satisfactory. Furthermore, the pen should be easily collapsible into its individual parts to be cleaned regularly – this extends its life.

Lastly, the best pen vape must have a slick design which resembles an actual pen to make it easily portable. It won’t be easy to find the vaporizer which works best for you, but the end result will be extremely satisfactory and rewarding.

Remember that there is no one absolute best – personal preference is an important factor while choosing a vape pen for yourself.

The biggest advantage of using a vaporizer pen, instead of conventional smoking instruments, is that it produces vapor instead of smoke – in other words, not only can you vape tobacco, you can do so without worrying about the harmful effects of its smoke.

Furthermore, the vapor doesn’t have a harmful effect on the users or those who are in the immediate vicinity, making it safe to vape in public. Is nicotine bad for you?

Yes, but far more harmful than nicotine is the smoking process itself – which produces dozens of other harmful products, a vaporizer eliminates these harmful by-products, thereby bringing down the health risk by a considerable degree.

For instance, marijuana vaporizers are becoming popular as safer alternatives to smoking, according to recent studies.

Smoking Marijuana Vs. Vaporizing Marijuana Infographic (Source)

How much is a vaporizer pen?

Using a vaporizer pen is a cost efficient decision, since you can use the unit over and over again, while only having to buy the products which must be heated in the chamber for it work.

The vape pens themselves aren’t that costly either. Additionally, certain vaporizer pens come with multiple mouthpieces that have individual flavors which you can pick between as per your preference.

Buying a vaporizer pen will be your first step towards enjoying a safe and healthy experience.

Their extreme discretion and portability make them far more desirable than cigarettes and cigars. Now that you know what is a vape, it is time to discuss its various types.

Types of vape pens

Knowing what is vape pen is good, but you won’t be able to choose the best one for yourself until you know the difference between its various types:

E-liquid vape pens:

The most common type of vaporizer pen. They are basically an electronic cigarette, in the shape of a pen. They are used to vape e-liquids, also referred to as e-juices.

These e-juices come in many different flavors and comprise of nicotine, flavors, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol – and you can also chose the amount of nicotine you want in your e-liquid.

Furthermore, you can create great tasting e-juice flavors by blending shop bought ones together!
This variety of vape pen has become quite popular over the past few years and there are a number of pens to choose from.

They are often preferred by individuals who want to quit smoking – in fact, they have proven their success at helping people quit smoking. You’ll find a number of blogs on the internet made by people who successfully quite smoking through vape pens.

Dry herb vaporizer pens:

There are also those vape pens that are able to vape dry herbs. Dried herbs have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes, relaxation and meditation.

Certain herbs and flowers can be dried, crushed and then placed in a vape pen capable of vaporizing them. The vaporizer’s chamber will heat these dried herbs up to release vapor, that can then be inhaled.

Some flowers and herbs possess different aromatherapy properties. Finding the best herb vaporizer pen can prove tricky for beginners since the majority of vaporizers often heat the herbs to the point that they begin to produce smoke, which ruins the whole point of using a vaporizer – it is best to stick with user reviews for guidance.

Interestingly, according to a 2007 study that was published in the Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics Journal, vaping cannabis is far more safe and effective at THC delivery as compared to conventional bong or joint smoking – but you’ll need to keep an eye on the hit you get, since it is a lot more potent than smoking joints or bongs.

Oils and waxes:

Oils and waxes are also referred to collectively as concentrates i.e. concentrated forms of a particular e-cigarette flavor. Because they are concentrated mixtures, you only need a little amount to enjoy a potent vape.

Each of the different types of vape pens have their own top models – finding the best vape pen for oil, the best vapor pen for wax, the best vapor pen for herbs, the best vaporizer for e-liquids and the best vaporizer for concentrates would be an impossible challenge since we would have to try out each one and also factor in personal preference.

However, we have discussed some of the most popular and top rated brands out there for your guidance later on in the article.

Are there any side effects?

While most users seem to enjoy an experience free from side effects of vaping, aside from the general issues linked to nicotine usage, there are a few side effects of vaping which might occur if you continue to vape e cigs for prolonged periods of time:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry skin
  • Burning sensation / rash on face
  • Itchiness
  • Dry/puffy eyes
  • Sensitivity to caffeine
  • Minor nosebleed

The dry mouth problem is quite common owing to the nature of e-liquids. Propylene glycol, one of the main ingredients used in the majority of e-liquids, is a hygroscopic liquid in nature – in layman’s terms, this means that it can attract and retain water molecules from its surroundings, as in your mouth.

You can easily rectify the dry mouth issue by upping your water intake – as a vaping for beginners tip, drink small sips of water frequently.

This doesn’t of course mean that you’ll have to keep a supply of water close at hand all the time, just that you’ll have to drink more than you did before.

You can address the issue of dry skin by utilizing a hypo-allergenic moisturizer until your body becomes adjusted to vaping.
Apparently, a minority of individuals suffer from nosebleeds – this can likely be attributed to the effect of Propylene glycol’s hygroscopic nature.

In most cases, this is an issue which takes care of itself – here’s a helpful tip, especially for those who are just starting out: don’t exhale the vapors through the nose.

In many cases these side effects result from excessive vaping, and vanish after you have brought down your electronic vaporizer pen usage to normal levels.

In other cases, it might be your body reacting to the substances being imbibed, for which the e-cigarette isn’t responsible.

For instance, after I had started using a vape pen for a few days, I kept getting very fleeting bouts of anxiety. Initially I thought I was vaping too much or too little, but neither was the case.

As it turned out, the culprit was my body’s modified reaction to caffeine. Once I had brought down my intake of caffeine, this troublesome symptom disappeared at once.

I continue to enjoy coffee, however bringing down its consumption hasn’t been harmful to me in any way.

Some users may also experience allergic reactions to some or all of the e-liquid ingredients e.g. vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, flavoring or nicotine itself.

Bringing the quantity of ingredients present can ease these symptoms in some cases.

As stated before, there are several cases where those who, after initially experienced mild side effects, stuck with vaping for more than a few days reported the problems to have disappeared on their own.

Some aren’t as lucky, but it is extremely rare that people have to leave vaping as a result of side effects.

If you’re worried about allergic reactions or side effects, it is recommended that you switch to vaporizers under the supervision of a medical expert. In any case, when speaking in terms of vape vs. smoke, the former is far safer than the latter.

The top vape pens

It was impossible to rate and review top 5 vape pens, since no one vape pen is suited to all the different forms of flavor.

Best Vape Pens for E-Liquid

Here are some options for those who are having a hard time deciding on one – they are the best models we’ve experienced. The worthy options for the best electronic vaporizer for e-liquids are:

Vaporfi Rocket:

This vaporizer packs a 1600mAh variable voltage battery besides a 2.5 milliliter tan with optional air flow. The Rocket provides you with a vaping experience that is highly flexible and customizable, thanks to the variable voltage and optional air flow.

Its tank produces great tasting, and exquisite vapor from e-liquids – we experienced this firsthand with a watermelon flavored e-liquid from the manufacturer themselves.

If you’re interested in purchasing e-liquids, they have nice custom blends where you can make your own flavor by combining three standard ones. The vape pen comes with 5 spare coils, a USB charger and a wall adaptor.

It is a great e-cig pen for using with e-liquids and ideal for those are just starting out. It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 90 day warranty.

Aspire Basic Kit:

Not quite as powerful and feature packed as the Rocket, but it is a kit which is great for beginners, as well as those who are budget minded.

The Aspire basic kit packs a K1 glassomizer tank, as well as a G-Power 900mAh battery, also made by Aspire. Despite the fact that this kit doesn’t have a variable voltage battery, it does come with a great tank – the K1, which can yield great vapor and amazing flavor, since it utilizes BVC coils, just like Aspire’s Nautilus mini.

It also has an attractive size and a sleek design. If you’re looking for an affordable no frills, solid performing basic kit that has good vapor and flavor output, this is it.

Best Vape pens for Dry Herbs

We can’t honestly recommend purchasing a vape pen type device for use with dry herbs; as indicated by performance reviews all over the internet, these pens aren’t anywhere close to the performance of portable devices like Pax by Ploom, the Crafty or the Orbit.

However, if your mind is set, here are the best deals available to you. If you wish to acquire a non-pen style device, we’ve listed some of the best options in the market.

VaporFi Orbit Vaporizer:

The Orbit is team VaporFi’s first attempt at a dry herb vaporizer, and is certainly not a bad product by any means – it is the best vaporizer in the market when it comes to vaping dry herbs.

If you wish to have a device with the size of a vape pen, but the power of a topnotch portable vaporizer, this is the one for you.

It has an attractive sleek and simple design, being compact but with great production value and class. It performs as good as it appears, being able to vaporize dry herbs at many different temperatures.

It is quick to heat up, normally taking no more than 2 minutes. It yields a truly accurate vapor taste which is a big plus – you won’t experience any burnt aftertaste, which is common with many other vape pens of its class in the market.

Also in contrast of most vape pens, it is a great choice if you are a group vaper, since it is able to handle large volumes of hits without heating up.

Another great feature is that you can charge it while you’re using it, so you don’t have to worry about it dying out on you in a group vaping session.

All in all, this is by and far the best dry herb vape pen out there – dry herbs are what most people prefer, which is why it deserves to be the number one.

Atmos Boss Vape Pen:

The Atmos Boss is an enhanced version of the AtmosRX that can vape dry herbs. It has a very fast 40 second heat up time, as well as an extremely sleek and slim build.

It can heat up to 385 degrees and has a smooth dry great flavor. It is a bit more costly than the V2 series 3, but also has a bigger chamber which can contain 0.4 grams of herb. It also comes with a 1600mAh battery that lasts for quite a long time.

The only thing we didn’t like about it was its 1 minute shut off timer that can get quite annoying at times. All in all, a definite improvement over the Atmos RX vape pen.

Best Portable Vaporizers for Dry Herbs

As we have already discussed, using a vaporizer pen for vaping dry herbs isn’t the optimum solution, and portable vaporizers, in spite of being a bit larger, provide a far better experience.

They are able to pack a larger amount of dry herbs, are easier in terms of maintenance, and have considerably better performance as far as heating and vapor production is concerned. Here are our top recommendations:

PAX 2 by Pax Labs:

If Apple were to make vaporizers, the Pax 2 would be the end product. This vaporizer is tiny, and the stealthiest and coolest device you’ll ever find.

Besides its exceptional looks, it has flawless performance and incorporates the most advanced tech in the market. It comes with four separate heat settings and an oven which can contain 0.3 – 0.5 grams of finely ground dried herbs.

You won’t find anything like it in the market, making it stand out from the crowd. Many of its users wrap their earphones around it while leaving it in their bags since it gives it the appearance of an iPod!

The Pax 2 vaporizers dried herbs better than any other competitor in the market, which can be attributed to its state-of-the-art lip sensing technology.

While you’re not using it, it cools down to conserve both the battery and your herbs. As soon as you place your lips to it, it heats up rapidly to get back to optimum temperature, guaranteeing a consistent draw and ensuring that you are able to get the most vapor out of your herbs.

Of course, all this comes at a high price, but it is doubtlessly the most portable and amazing dry herb vaporizer available. It comes with a ten year warranty – a testament to its quality.

The Crafty by Storz and Bickel

The Crafty is a truly elite dry herb vaporizer. It is a miniature version of the top-selling Mighty vaporizer by Storz and Bickel, who are also responsible for the topnotch Volcano.

Lots of people who had previously purchased the Volcano and have now purchased the Crafty, say that they aren’t using the former anymore because the latter is just that impressive.

This tells a lot about the Crafty, since the Volcano is a beast amongst vaporizers itself. The Crafty comes with a two year warranty, and is sturdy and solid – you can tell by just holding it in your hand that it isn’t going to break for a very long time!

Although it may not have the looks which other models boast, but it is hard to beat in terms of performance. It even comes with a free app for iOS and Android which you can use to specify the temperature settings – the default is a standard 180 degrees.

If you wish to spend money on a top-end device and aren’t concerned about the high cost of the Crafty, then it really is the best choice for you. It’s amazingly good performance is unmatched by other portable vapes that we’ve sampled, and therefore it is a mandatory purchase for a dry herb enthusiast.

Best Vapor Pen for Wax and Oil

Here’s the best vape pen for oil and wax based flavors that we’ve experienced:

Cloud V Classic or Platinum

The Cloud V Classic or Platinum micro pens work with both wax and oil. They are extremely easy to use and are very tiny, making them ideal to keep in your pocket and use whenever you wish.

Chargeable via USB cable, the Cloud V utilizes a classic atomizer where the user places small quantities of wax onto and around the coil.

Cloud V also has an improved, new ceramic atomizer available for their classic and platinum vaporizer kits. The ceramic atomizers are designed to heat the oils and waxes up much more swiftly and a lot more efficiently.

There is also a mini version of these two pens available, which are possibly the tiniest devices we’ve ever come across. A great kit if you wish for something which is easily concealable and portable.

You can also combine these pens with a glass globe style tank that goes on top of their micro pen batteries.

A number of users like to use these tanks because they are able to see the vapor get produced – there isn’t really a plausible effect on performance.

The manufacturer also offers glass mouthpieces for both its platinum and classic v pes, which can be another option if you don’t like the globe style tank.

Summing it, Cloud V has a formidable collection of micro pen type batteries, tanks and atomizers that are ideal for use with oils and waxes. Cloud V definitely deserves to be called the maker of the best oil vaporizer in the market.

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are other options available such as the G pen vaporizer and the 710 pen.

The Gpen battery also deserves a mention – it is an interchangeable battery that works with all of their vaporizers including their vaporizer hookah pen, has excellent lifetime and a one year warranty to boot!

The one we liked the most

Our absolute favorite, amongst all of the vaporizers we’ve reviewed, is the VaporFi Orbit. Although it isn’t a true vape pen, being a bit larger, but it takes the vaping of dry herbs to new heights, and does so with possibly the best engineering and design.

All of its parts are exquisitely good looking, and can be used very easily. It shines in particular because it can hold its ground with high volume, extended use because of its lasting battery.

It incorporates a very sophisticated heating chamber than can be effortlessly opened and filled, so you aren’t held back in getting the best experience from your small vape device!

This device seems to be the future of dry herb vaporizing – innovative, clean and ready to roll.

If you wish for a true portable vapor smoking pipe, then we’d have to recommend the Pax 2 because of its extreme build value, performance and reliability – but you’ll have to be prepared to pay its steep price of course.

Obviously, these aren’t absolute suggestions, you may find other vaporizers work better for you – such as clear tank vaporizers or vaporizer hookah pens – in our experience, it takes several years to find a vaporizer kit that you feel is ideal for you, so keep experimenting!

Top vaping flavors

The biggest advantage of vaporizers is that you can use them with a huge variety of vapor pen flavors. The best vape flavor, of course, is entirely dependent upon your taste, and you may find that your best vaping flavor changes as you try out new vape juices, vape concentrates and vape herbs. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Mothers Milk (by Suicide Bunny):

It is well known in the vaping community for its rich, cream custard taste with an understated hint of strawberry – comparable to strawberry Nesquick, but a lot more delicious and succulent. It’s mildly sweet, smooth and tasty, great for an all-day vape.

Hawk Sauce (by Mt. Baker Vapor):

This is one of the most unique and popular flavors made by Mt. Baker Vapor. A fruity mix of grape and berries with a soft kick of menthol.

Take a couple of extra flavour shots and you’ve got a sweet, nice, somewhat sour and minty aftertaste, that is highly refreshing.

Unicorn Blood (by Fuzion Vapor):

If you enjoy sweet, fruity flavours, this is one that you’ll definitely like. Although people compare it to Skittles – all of the flavours at once – we found it more similar to Hawaiian punch.

The cherry and strawberry undertones were strong, with a fruit punch flavour that stays after you’ve exhaled. It has a deep, blood red color, hence the name unicorn blood.

Another great thing about e juices is that you can enjoy them as 100% e juice no nicotine – great for those non-smokers who wish to experience what vaping is all about.

Where can I get a vape pen?

E juice vaporizers are extremely popular these days, so much so that you’ll find whole websites dedicated to them.

Many vaping enthusiasts, in many cases those who quit smoking thanks to vaping, want to help those who are having a hard time to quit and have set up their own vaping merchandise e-shops where you can buy any number of vape mods, hookah vaporizers and so on.

It’s a good idea to search on websites like Amazon and eBay as well, since they feature open user reviews that are a much better benchmark for performance and reliability.

Start your search by simply heading over to your favourite search engine and typing in what you want – for instance, type in ‘best vape battery’ in the search engine and hit enter to get a list of websites that have something under the best battery for vaping – go for vendors with Google+ reviews to be sure they are verified, or purchase from bigger retailers like Amazon and eBay.