What makes a vaporizer portable?

The portable vape is undoubtedly a very useful item for the users. It can easily be carried around simply anywhere you want because a portable vaporizer can easily fit in your pocket unlike the table top versions.

The portable vape should be lightweight and not bulky, and such a vaporizer fits into the definition of a perfect portable vaporizer. This vaporizer has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery so that makes it easy to carry around.

When you are looking for the best personal vaporizer you should be looking for the following traits.

  • Portable vaporizers should have aromatic blends.
  • It would be great if the portable vape offers you optimized temperature presets as well.
  • You should be looking for motion sensors that have automatic shutoff setting. This would also contribute to your ease.
  • You should also look out for the right warm-up time. Most portable vaporizers have different warm-time, so you should choose the one that best caters to your needs.
  • The battery lifetime is also important, so if a vaporizer is offering you about 180 minutes then this is a good enough figure.
  • You should be looking for a portable vaporizer that is durable. This way you would not even feel bad if you have spent a little more money.
  • You should remember that every vaporizer gives a different texture and flavor. Choose the portable vaporizer in consideration with your personal needs.

Pros of a portable vaporizer

The following are some of the incentives that you get when you opt for a portable vapes.

  • A portable vaporizer is definitely the healthier option. Combustible smoking methods lead to a lot of smell, but this is not the case with a portable vaporizer. Traditional vaporizers lead to the occurrence of a lot of bad chemicals during the process of vaporization. The portable vaporizer prevents the occurrence of bad chemicals as well.
  • Portable vapes are the best option for all those who want to keep things discrete. You can just draw from portable vapes and put them away.
  • The portable vapes enhance the flavor as well. Usually burning cuts down the acidic flavor so the portable vaporizer does not deprive you off this flavor.

If you want to know more pros then make sure that you read the Best portable vaporizer reviews before buying your vaporizer.

This would give you an idea about the best portable vapes in the market. You can compare the products and buy the vaporizer that best suits your needs.

When you will be going through the reviews you can even compare their pros. This way you would be able to identify with ease what you need exactly.

For some people the price of portable vapes is a big issue. When you choose a small vaporizer by reading the reviews then you would also get an idea what best meets your budget constraints as well.

Choose from the top portable vapes – this way you would be able to strike a smart deal.

Cons of a portable vaporizer

Now you should have a clear idea regarding the cons of a portable vaporizer so that you end up making the smart selection.

  • If it is difficult to draw from a vaporizer it definitely can be considered as a flaw of a portable vaporizer so you need to watch out for this when buying your vaporizer.
  • A heavy portable vaporizer would spoil the purpose, so refrain from buying such a vaporizer.
  • There are some portable vaporizers that get really hot at the mouthpiece, so this would make the portable vaporizer unpractical so you need to watch out for this flaw as well.

What is the best choice of portable vaporizers?

Now we will review some of the best portable vaporizers available in the market. This way you can make the best pick.

1. Pax Vaporizer by Ploom: is a perfect choice without a doubt. You get loads of incentives when you buy this vaporizer. You get aromatic blends, motion sensors, optimized temperature preset, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and stainless steel filling chamber.

This portable vaporizer would cost you about $249.99. The price is a bit on the higher side, but the quality is worth it. This vaporizer has a good battery life and can last for about 2 hours.

For using this vaporizer you just need to load the aromatic blends into the Pax oven and tamp down. The retractable mouthpiece needs to be pressed for powering on the Pax. Once the vaporizer is ready for use the Pax indicator light will turn green.

2. G- Pen Vaporizer: is meant for the solid concentrates. This vaporizer has a five click battery lock and proprietary threading. This vaporizer is quite lightweight, but still it is able to produce high quality vapors.

This portable vaporizer has only got a few parts so this contributes to the ease of use. You just have to load the solid concentrate into the g-tank. For using the vaporizer reassemble the cartridge, the battery and the mouthpiece. You can draw easily by just pressing the power button.

3. Atmos RX Vaporizer: This vaporizer has incredible features. You would be getting a 5 Click battery lock, 2 heating chambers, ATMOS Threading and it is for the solid concentrates.

When you have to use this vaporizer, you need to recharge the battery and then you can start loading the solid concentrates. The RX provides you the option to operate using a glass filter or without a glass filter. If you want to use the vaporizer without the filter then you would need to remove the chamber from the battery.

The chambers should be filled loosely for ensuring proper airflow. If you intend to use the vaporizer with the filter you would need to remove the spring from the chamber and the filter has to be inserted inside the heating chamber.

The solid concentrate should be placed above the glass filter. The power button needs to be pressed when you have to draw. This vaporizer is a good selection.

However, at times problems have been reported in the battery charging and this area needs to be taken care of.

4. Cloud 2-0: This vaporizer is for the solid concentrates. It fits easily in your palm. Additionally this vaporizer has a five click battery lock, titanium Call Atomizer and Micro USB charger.

If you want to use this vaporizer the first step would be to load the battery. Then you can start loading the solid concentrates. You would need to remove the tank cover for inserting the solid concentrates into the atomic cup.

Power button needs to be pressed to commence the vaporization process. Finesse in the construction of this vaporizer would surely help.

5. Vapir NO2 Vaporizer: This vaporizer has an Ergonomic design. It has digital temperature system and has a replaceable battery. For using the vaporizer you would have to turn the power of the NO2.

The next step would be setting the desired temperature and pressing the red button for engaging the heater. Once the desired temperature has been reached you need to start loading the blends into the heating chamber.

The only flaw about this vaporizer is that the heating element with shut down automatically after twenty minutes of use and the battery life should be increased significantly.

6. Vaporgenie Vaporizer: This is one of the best vaporizers available in the market today. This vaporizer has a traditional design. It has a Stainless steel and Maple wood construction.

Indirect heat from the vapor is utilized for creating the vapor. You can get loads of color options when you are buying this vaporizer.

When you want to use this vaporizer you would need to unscrew the top and then load the chambers. Next the top needs to be replaced. You would need to start applying the flame from the lighter.

Temperature can easily be controlled by controlling the flame. The best about this vaporizer is that it only costs about $55 so it can be considered as one of the best available options in the market.

The only area that requires a bit of improvement is that at times it becomes difficult to control the heat otherwise this is a smart pick.

Now after reading all the reviews you can make your choice with ease. Make it a point to go through the features of each and every vaporizer. This would give you a clear idea what best suits your needs.

All the vaporizers mentioned above are the best in the market and have credibility. These vaporizers will contribute to your convenience. The mistake most of us do is that we form an opinion about the product even without trying it out.

Experience yourself and then you would get the real picture regarding which vaporizer would work best for you. Portable vaporizers are truly the best option that can come your way, so go for them without any hesitance at all and you would be happy with your decision.