The Pax vape pen by Ploom is a top quality portable vaporizer which you can easily carry around in your pocket in order to enjoy a clean, pure vape on the go. Lightweight and stealthy, it is easy to handle and heats up in less than a minute.

The refined design of this device combines durability with stylishness making it the high end choice for on-the-go vaping.

The Pax pen incorporates a recessed mouthpiece, which is responsible for much of its compactness – it only rises after you click on the top, otherwise it literally stays inside the device. The device comes with a screen, a mouthpiece, and oven lid, a charging dock and cord, 5 cleaning tools and 5 cleaning wipes, 2 lubricant packets and its own user manual – in short, everything you’ll need to keep it spick and span for a long period of time.

Truth be told, we expected nothing less from a device with its price tag.

How to use pax vaporizer:

As noted in most pax vaporizer reviews, this device is pretty straightforward to use. After you have loaded the aromatic blends into its oven and tamped it down lightly, power on the device by clicking the mouthpiece. Once the device is heated, you can enjoy your vape – you may also remove the mouthpiece to adjust the temperature by means of the temperature button that cycle through three presets.

The Pros

Here’s what we loved about this device:

  • Small and discreet: This is perhaps the biggest reason why the pax vaporizer has been such a big hit with everybody. You can easily put it in the pocket of your favorite jeans and take it on every adventure that comes your way. Because it doesn’t look anything like the mainstream vape pens – people often won’t even recognize it in your hands. Its design resembles that of a futuristic gadget and is bound to impress people.
  • Reasonably sized chamber for a portable device: The pax premium vaporizer holds an input of around .15 to .25 which is a very respectable size in comparison with its competitors. Expect to enjoy 10 draws from one packing – which is remarkably efficient. Other vaporizers that let you put in more blend will take up a large amount of input to yield the same results.
  • Ease of use: Our Pax vaporizer review notes the ease of use of this device. It is by and large a pack and enjoy type of affair – something that is hard to find in its rival brands. The device heats up in around half a minute without testing your patience at all. The three temperature presets can easily be adjusted by means of the button present under the mouthpiece to vary the amount of pax vapor your inhale with each draw.
  • Durability: The device was dropped several times during testing and survived every time!

The Cons

There isn’t much to find fault with in this device:

  • The pax vap’s herb chamber may be bigger than the immediate competition, but it still sufficient when you’re vaping heavily with your friends.
  • This pax ploom review also notes that although the vaporizer does indeed medicate well – it still doesn’t match the experience you’d get from a Volcano model.

But then, Volcano vaporizers are conventional home models, whereas this is a portable device!


To conclude our pax vape review, this is a device which justifies its $250 price tag with its efficiency, durability, portability and reliability. However, only those who are serious about vaping should invest in this.

Beginners who aren’t sure whether they enjoy vaporizing should go for cheaper ones before moving on to this superior, expensive model.