How Vaporizer Pens Work

Over the last few years, vaporizer pens became incredibly popular, especially among the smokers who wanted to be more “elegant” – in terms of their appearance in public, and practical use.

Yet, a lot of people still don’t know that these tools are very different from e-cigarettes, because unlike the second one, with vaporizer pens you can use waxes and oils, and a lot of different botanicals, not just tobacco.

If you wonder how this great “smoke weapon” works, here is a simple explanation:

A vaporizer pen uses the ceramic heat element that is usually made of borosilicate glass, for the contents of the chamber.

This important part makes content heat, which causes a temperature (that is not too high to start burning) that vaporizes the active mixture and produces that delicious vapors. The catch is – when herbs like tobacco are burning, it produces toxins. Using a vaporizer pen, you free your body from toxins and enjoy smoking more.

There are main two types of vaporizer pens:

Dry Herb Pen

This type of pen works only with dry herbs because it consists of some special heating coil that is located near the herb to heat it to a close burning temperature to release their powerful flavors.

Wax & Oil Pen

Oil Pen – This type of pen works with essential oils. Inside them, you can find a special pad that is attached near the heating element.

The purpose of this pad is to hold the oil inside the pen, without spilling during the process of vaping.

Wax Pen – This type is similar to oil pen, the only difference is that the pad inside them specializes in semi fluid material.

All these pens usually work with the help of:

  • The lithium-ion battery that is very economical because it lets you recharge your vaporizer pen several times, without the need to buy any outside battery.
  • Filters – that are very important part, because without them vapor couldn’t work so well. There are two types of filters – steel and ceramic.
  • Chamber connector – which connects the mouthpiece to the chamber and the heating element.
  • Mouthpiece – it is located at the top of the pen and the length is different; the longer ones make the vapor temperature less, that keeps the vapor pleasantly warm.


So no doubt the vaporizer pen is great – it uses a specific technology to give you the same feeling of smoking, but without shortcomings and with the same effects.

You will have the feel that you have not given up smoking, but also feel that you release your body of harmful toxins.

A lot of scientific research proves that using these vaporizer tools can increase your health because when you replace cigarette for vaporizing pen you lower the level of bad substances that you take through the classic smoking. The process of vaporizing includes only oils, waxes and herb materials that leave behind all bad things, presenting a quiet healthier alternative.