The G Pen, by Grenco Science, is one of those rare vaporizing devices which are easy on the pocket and heavy on performance – no surprise that the g pen vape is often considered one of the best devices for those who want elegant, portable and affordable vaporizing solutions.

It is also preferred by young people and even has a ‘Snoop Dogg’ version which has particular appeal.

Sporting a slick, stainless steel design, its appearance is that of an expensive high end gadget – which is just fine for those who want to stand apart in the crowd.

The tank is made from glass and the entire unit comes with a battery, a cover, a drip tip and a glass atomizer. The pen comes with a case, which makes it very portable, because of its extremely compact design.

The base version has a heating chamber that works only with waxes and oils, but you can get the herbal ‘Snoop Dogg’ edition which works with dry weed rather than oils.

This g pen review will lay out the pros and cons of using this device so you can decide for yourself whether it is worth the [seemingly insignificant] investment.

The Pros

Following are the noteworthy features of this device which make it so good:

  • Portability: This device offers portability in the true sense. In spite of being made from stainless steel, it is incredibly light. The 5’’ inch length and discreet shape make it compact enough to be easily carried around in your pocket – in fact the casing provided by the manufacturer is perfect for taking on your journeys and holidays, so that you can enjoy vaping on the go. But the feature which makes it truly portable is the micro-USB charger, which comes in addition to the wall charger – a surprising feature for a device that is so cheap. Thanks to this feature, you can charge up the device from your laptop while you’re away from home!
  • How to use g pen vaporizer: Because of its simplistic design that uses parts which can easily be disassembled / assembled, even those who are new to vaping can easily enjoy the g vape pen. The cartridge, mouthpiece and battery come together without any hassle after you’ve loaded in the concentrate with the G tool spatula.
  • Interchangeable battery: The G battery which comes with this device can be used with several other G devices. The package even comes with two extra glass containers!
  • Low cost: At just $99, this is a device which is affordable enough to be a low risk investment for those who are just trying out vaping for the first time. The device is reliable and efficient enough for seasoned users who are considering an economic, portable vaping solution.

The Cons

The problems with the oil / wax version of the vaporizers are all superficial, as noted by most g pen reviews – the tiny button is a bit on the harder side to use, and it may get a bit messy with an oil vape. Obviously it doesn’t work with herbs – but there is the Snoop Dogg version for that – considered the best g pen by many pure herb users.


With a killer price of $99, combined with sturdy and reliable operation, true portability and ease of use, you will find it hard for a vaporizer retailer who won’t have a g pen vaporizer for sale. It is a great option for both newbies and seasoned users alike. Check out our other vape pen reviews here.