The Easy Vape Vaporizer combines the classic tabletop box design with modern features. Packing in glass-on-glass parts and a ceramic heating element to yield good quality vapor, it also has an LCD display that shows a precise reading for the device’s operating temperature, which can easily be adjusted by means of the dial control.

With its low cost of $99, it is an affordable investment for beginners, who want to figure out if vaping really is their thing. It is also worth a look for those seasoned enthusiasts who are low on cash and want a reasonable vaping experience.

The Pros

Here are some of the reasons to consider the Easy Vape for purchase:

  • Totally hands free: The ground glass whip technology allows you to enjoy a hands free vaping experience. Your hands are no longer occupied as you take smooth vapor draws through the immaculate seal created by the heater cover and glass wand. This means you can switch televisions channels as you enjoy your favorite blend and relax!
  • Precisely controlled temperature: Thanks to the analog dial and the precise digital LCD display, you can monitor the temperature of the device in real time. There is no room for error as in the case of older devices that either had analog displays or didn’t have adjustable temperatures at all. With the Easy Vape however, there’s no restriction on the temperature you want to set, provided you stay in the operating range of course. The precision temperature control and display is of particular help to beginners who want to experiment with different heating levels and the respective quality/amount of vapor their herbs can yield.
  • Affordable cost: Even with a digital display and precise temperature control, this device costs a mere $99, which is affordable for even the most hesitant of buyers/beginners.

The Cons

In our Easy Vape review, we noted some serious issues with this vaporizer that hindered our overall experience and may cause trouble for inexperienced users:

  • Whip design blues: The glass bowl which holds the herbs in is quite fragile and has nothing to hold it in place. It also has a downward angle of the heating elements tip, so you’ve really got make an effort to put on the whip fast enough and perfectly, especially if you don’t want some of your herbs to fall out inside the vaporizer. Imagine a rookie vaper trying to pull this off. The workaround to this is turning the entire unit upside down, but that isn’t known to everyone and feels silly since it isn’t how the device is supposed to function.
  • Temperature regulation problems: You need to spend some time learning the seemingly random heating behavior of this device. The trick is to keep turning up the temperature at regular time intervals and testing out the vapor quality until you get the perfect hit. Again, something that can be hard for newcomers.


The EasyVape does make for a compelling purchase with its digital temperature control and small $99 price tag. Beginners who want affordability in a classic tabletop vaporizer should consider this particular type, but be prepared for some learning adventures before you figure this device out in the included user manual will be your best assistance there. Seasoned users and even those beginners who value convenience more than money should look elsewhere.