Manufactured by California based Cloud Penz, the new and improved Cloud Pen 2.0, is a solid concentrate vaporizer which you can take on all your adventures since it fits in your pocket and heats up on the press of a button for a quick vape on the go.

Recently receiving the ‘Best Vaporizer’ award in Denver, Colorado at this year’s Cannabis Cup the Cloud Vaporizer is noted for its discretion and portability. With a tiny 4 inch length, a micro USB charger and a 45 minute recharge time this is a pen which you can rely on, even on long road trips!

This Cloud Vape Pen review will show you the reason whether the Cloud Vape Pen 2.0 lives up to all the hype or not.

The Pros

We found the Cloud Pen vape to provide some serious bang for its buck and here’s why:

  • New and improved atomizer: Cloud Penz have revamped their atomizer design to a new custom build which will handle the vaping habit of even the most extensive user. The ceramic dish has been improved and the chamber made completely from brass. They have also been widened so you can pack in more concentrate. The newly incorporated titanium coil in the heating element yield much purer vapor.
  • Improved power handling: Our Cloud Pen review noted that the power consumption of this device has been greatly optimized. Whereas one day of normal use is the industry norm, the rechargeable Li-ion battery present in the Cloud 2.0 Vaporizer lasts for two days. The device is pretty smart too – it automatically shuts the atomizer off after fifteen seconds of uninterrupted heating to save power.
  • Micro-USB charger: For a vaporizer to be portable these days, it needs to be more than just lightweight and compact – you need to be able to charge it on the go without a hitch. In its price range, the cloud pen vaporizer certainly outdoes itself by including a micro-USB charging port that creates a true sense of portability by letting you charge it from any laptop or computer that you come across.
  • Low base cost: A base cost of $79.99 makes it an easy purchase and if you handle it correctly, you won’t have to order a replacement part for quite some time. Even so, it is assuring to know that replacement parts are cheap and easily purchasable.
  • Customizability: With several modular add-ons available for enhancing this device, it will satisfy those vape fans who want to personalize their vaping experience. The most recommended enhancement is the Cloud Atlas 2.0 which is sold separately at $34.99. You can also opt for an Atlas 1.0 at $29.99 and order replacements for the Titanium Coil Atomizer at $19.99 each. In terms of cosmetic variations there are several plain colors, as well as patterns to choose from in the cloudvape.

The Cons

There were a couple of issues with this device that you should know about:

  • Delicate atomizer: The titanium atomizer is a bit on the delicate side, so you need to be careful when loading up the herbs in the chamber – refer to the manual included in the pack for exact instructions.
  • Doesn’t work with dried herbs: This isn’t really a fault with the device since it is explicitly a ‘concentrate’ vaporizer, but it is included in this Cloud Vaporizer review for the sake of those who insist on using it for their aromatic blends; it won’t give them good results.


This product is ideal for those who vape waxy liquid or solid herb concentrates. Those who are starting out on the vaping journey can purchase it easily because of its low cost – they won’t be at a serious loss if vaping doesn’t suit them later on.

From a seasoned vaper’s standpoint the option of installing add-ons to improve the experience along with the long lasting battery makes it a wise investment. To conclude, our cloud 2.0 vape pen review recommends the Cloud V Pen to all those who want an affordable, convenient, truly portable solid concentrate vaping solution.