Sporting a sleek cylindrical design that packs some serious features, the Atmos RX portable vape is a solid concentrate vaporizer, manufactured by AtmosNation, a leading innovator in vaporizer technology.

Incorporating a coil skillet type heating element alongside a ceramic filter, it is designed for rapid production of pure vapor, so that you can enjoy on the go. This atmos raw review will give you a great idea of what the Atmos RX has to offer and any shortcomings it may have.

The Pros

As you’ll see going through this atmos vaporizer pen review, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider this device, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vaper:

  • Based on a coil skillet variety heating element that, together with the ceramic filter, guarantees a clean and pure vaping experience within seconds of being switched on.
  • Easy to operate – just charge up the battery, load in the concentrate and start vaping. You can also optionally place a filter into the chamber for extra vaporization – something as easy as removing the spring from the chamber and putting the filter inside.
  • Low base cost of just $129.95 is a bargain for the quality vapor production and the level of customizability it packs.
  • Free Atmos Glass Screen included with each purchase – use for added vaporization experience.
  • 5-Click Battery Lock guarantees secure and reliable operation.
  • The Green colored RX has 2 heating chambers which means more customizability to suit your mood.
  • The modular design off the Atmos RX allows easy replacement of the heating chamber to match the color of your choice – purple, red, black, blue, pink, green, white and grey. Choose the color you want to stand out, even among the vaping crowd.
  • Comes with its own loading and maintenance tools to ensure a lasting enjoyable vaping experience. The cleaning brush tool is used to keep the heating chamber in good condition, whereas the loading tool ensures that you can easily and properly fill up the chamber.
  • Runs on a rechargeable battery that you can charge not only with the included wall adapter, but also a USB charger (this is included too). Even today, there are several competitors of the RX which are restricted to a wall charger that limits their ‘mobility factor’. The RX’s USB charging port means you can charge it on the go easily – even with your laptop! No more fretting about finding a compatible power outlet to charge your vaporizer.

The Cons

No device is without flaws, and, indeed, the Atmos RX has some minor hiccups of its own. On the whole though, these aren’t related with its core operation and provided you use it as instructed in the manual, you won’t have any trouble with it for a very long time.

  • The first objection noted by this Atmos vaporizer review is the cost of its interchangeable multi-colored heating chambers. At a somewhat steep cost of $39.95, it doesn’t make it easy for everyone to fully customize their Atmos RX unit.
  • Another problem we note in our atmos raw vaporizer review is a risk of damaging the exposed heating element when cleaning the heating chamber – something that rookie vaporizer users need to be careful about. Be sure to thoroughly read the how to use atmos vaporizer before trying it for the first time.
  • The Atmos RX has trouble with aromatic blends and herbs. There have been reports of it combusting the input, even when using the glass screen recommended by the manufacturer. It functions optimally only with solid concentrate.


All in all, our Atmos vape pen review concludes that this is a device that is geared towards novice to intermediate vaping fans who want an affordable, easy to use, mobile wax concentrate vaping solution. Check out another vape pen review here.