5 Reasons to switch from smoking to a vaporizer

Most people who become interested in vaporizers are actually the people who were already smokers. If you are thinking about switching from smoking to a vape pen, but you are not quite sure if that’s a good idea, try reading this article and have an insight on the benefits of the best vape pens.

These benefits come from the vaporizer user surveys and scientific comparison of both the traditional smoking and best vape pens available.

  1. Vaporizers don’t produce that characteristic unpleasant smell

Ok, everyone already knows what cigarettes produce – smoke, with that specific and unpleasant smell that holds on to everything – from your breath, to your fingers, hair, clothes, and your house. Also, most non-smokers literally hate that smell and usually avoid contact with smokers.

If you wonder why cigarettes smell so bad, it is because of chemicals like tar, that smell very bad whilst burning. On the other hand, the best vape pens do not produce smoke, instead, when you exhale, the only thing that comes out is vapor, which doesn’t have that bad smell and immediately evaporates. The smell that the vape pens produce is either neutral, or it smells like candy.

  1. Electronic smoking is less expensive than traditional smoking

We all know that today cigarettes are very expensive. Taxes for cigarettes are very high and that directly affects the price of cigarettes, so every year they are more and more expensive. The smokers that use one pack a day can spend up to $300 per month just for cigarettes, plus lighters.

Vape pen users don’t have these problems – although some of the best vape pens are expensive, that price is not so high a price for traditional monthly smoking. If you didn’t know, there are no taxes for vape pens and in the future, with the raise of the technology, their price will go down.

  1. Vape pens are safer than cigarettes

When you light a cigarette, you use an open flame. And you know what open flames could cause? Yes, a potential fire hazard. In fact, cigarettes are the biggest cause of deaths caused by a fire in most parts of the world, 10% of all fire-related deaths, to be exact.

This is the reason more people use vape pens, because there is no open flame and you can be sure you will not cause some accident with fire. If it used properly, with no battery “overhauling” for a longer power usage, the vape pens are very safe for using and there haven’t been any reports of vape pens causing fires anywhere.

  1. Health

If you must choose between vaporizers and cigarettes, the first one is the quiet better choice because it is less harmful than the second one. Every day scientists all over the world prove that the cigarettes are very bad for your health because they are exposing the smokers to a higher risk of throat cancer, lung cancer, Alzheimer’s, a heart attack, a stroke, osteoporosis, pneumonia, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Traditional cigarettes come with a huge number of chemicals, and most of them are considered cancer causing. On the other side, most vape pen users are saying that they are feeling better physically and have more strength after they started using vaporizers.

  1. Social

Also an important factor for leaving the traditional cigarettes and switching to vaporizers is the negative social impact of cigarettes. In the last decade or so, a lot of people started looking at smoking as a very bad habit, and it is completely justified. Actually, the bad influence on health, as well as the smell that the cigarettes leave, are the main reasons why cigarettes have such a bad reputation.

We are all witnesses of the increasing number of restaurants and other public institutions where the smoking areas are separated from the non-smoking ones, or where the traditional smoking isn’t allowed at all.

Furthermore, traditional cigarettes can influence your social life as well. For example, when it comes to dating, non-smokers in most of the times have a problem with dating a smoker. Needless to say that most of the today’s employers are quite critical when it comes to traditional smoking.