What is a Vaporizer?

In layman’s terms, vaporization refers to the process of providing gentle heat to herbs in order to extract their active ingredients, which rise into the air in the form of vapors. Vaporizers are the devices, which are used to perform this task, and they do so through convection (which employs hot air), conduction (which employs a hot surface) or a combination of these two heat transfer mechanisms.

There are several types of vaporizers, such as tabletop ones and portable herb vaporizers.

The majority of vaporizers these days, including the best personal vaporizers, which employ convection for heating the herb, that is downstream from the path of the vapor and separated from the heater.

The biomass i.e. the herbs, are provided heat much more effectively and evenly that conduction using this method. Usually, a user will suck the heated air that will be drawn either over or through the herb manually (direct draw/manual whip), or a fan may be used to force the air through a bed of herbs.

Vape pen reviews, especially those of leading brands, show how far vaporizing has progressed since it earliest days. Modern vape pens all have precise adjustments of heating temperatures through digital or analogue controls.

Vaporization temperature is also affected by the user’s speed and strength of drawing the air. Some people like to keep the temperature setting constant, whilst varying their draw strength/speed. By varying the heating temperature, you can manipulate the proportions of active ingredients released from the herbs.

The harshness, type of high, taste and particular medical properties of the produced vapors are affected to a great extent by the operating temperature.

Why are they so popular?

Vaporizers have been gaining popularity among the common public for a long time, for a number of reasons. The e-cigarette variety of vaporizers, that emulates smoking without its harmful compounds or at the very least, with the compounds greatly reduced, has helped thousands of smoking addicts lessen, or kick their habit.

The vaporizers which heat and extract herbal vapors for medicinal purposes are also much preferred over ordinary joints/bongs because of the fact that they produce very little harmful compounds, which are inherent to smoking. This difference in how vapor and smoking affect the health of the user lies in their mechanism – smoking burns the herbs which produces toxic pollutants, whereas vaporizing heats the herb and produces vapors, which do not contain any of the pollutants caused by combustion.

Vaporizing does not have the hazard of second hand smoke either – so you can do it in public places without fear of disapproval or reproach.

Vaporizers, particularly the hand held ones, are much more aesthetically appealing than ordinary cigarettes/joints. They lend the user an air of uniqueness, which further contributes to their growing popularity.

Why is vaporising much healthier than smoking

Both smoking and vaporizing employ heat in order to release the herbs’ active ingredients. The vast difference between the qualities of the experience each method respectively provides lies in the temperature of heating used in each method and the by-products that result from it.

Smoking usually has an operating temperature of approximately 800 to 900C, which is more than enough heat to cause pyrolization – a process that doesn’t just alter or deactivate the active ingredients, it also causes the production of dangerous by-products such as benzene, carbon monoxide, naphthalene, toluene, particulates, tars and polyaromatic hydrocarbons.

On the other hand, temperatures for vaporizing never approach combustion point – usually 230C. The active ingredients, which are the whole point of medicinal smoking, are extracted effectively, minus the harmful by-products produced by combustion.

Even if there are any harmful compounds, their proportions are drastically reduced compared to smoking – even the really small vaporizers are much more effective than ‘premium quality’ cigarettes because of their superior method of extraction!

After combustion has occurred, what is left behind is a sooty, black ash. In contrast, vaporizing won’t burn the product, so the structural integrity of the herb is maintained (the remains will usually be of a lesser weight compared to the input).

These vaporized remains are commonly known as ABV (Already Been Vaped) and are in many cases saved by the user for further extraction of the active compounds. The remains can be revaped, cooked or made a tincture from in order to release the active ingredients left behind, after the original vaping.

The ABV’s color is the chief indicator of the difference between vaporizing and combusting (smoking).

Since the by-products of combustion are not present in vaporizing, the users frequently report a much more pure and refined taste compared to smoking. Furthermore, the vapors are generally not as irritating as smoke, which allows for deeper, longer lasting inhalation.

Many vaporists also report a ‘cleaner’ high as compared to smoking, usually free of the nuisance of ‘cough lock’ and lethargy.

A 2004 study that was jointly undertaken by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) and California NORML confirmed the health superiority of vaping over smoking.

The study compared the products resulting from vaporizing to the smoke produced from combusted marijuana and found that the products from vaporizing contained mostly THC, which is the chief active component in the herb. In contrast, the smoke from combustion had more than a hundred different chemicals, which included carcinogenic toxins (also present in tobacco smoke and known as polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons / PAHS).

As many as half a dozen PAHs were present in the combusted marijuana smoke – non cannabinoids – i.e. the unnecessary products, made up for up to 88% of the smoke’s total gas content.

Many users have also reported that vaporizing requires much less input material than smoking. Added to this is the possibility of recycling/reusing the ABV, making vaporizing, overall, much more cost effective and efficient.

Opting for the best portable vape device may be a costly investment initially, but it will ensure, in the long run, that you have a much more enjoyable, healthy and economic experience.

15 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Vaporizing

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are fifteen reasons why owning a home vaporizer will work so much better for you than a personal hookah or shisha.

  1. Zero ash: Since vaporizers operate on the principle of vaporizing (as the name implies), they produce absolutely no ash – because there is no combustion. Switching over from smoking to vaporizing means you’ll be saying goodbye to that sooty, stinky ashtray filled with cigarette butts!
  2. Significantly reduced amount of chemicals: Tobacco smoke contains thousands of chemicals (and several hundreds of these are toxic, with 70 being carcinogenic!). With vaporizing the chemical content of what you inhale comes down to a mere handful of safe chemicals.
  3. Much more economical: Good vaporizers will efficiently release the active ingredients from the herbs, so you can reap their benefits. On the other hand, smoking involves combustion, which means most of the herbs active ingredients will have lost their virtue by the time they are released, since combustion alters their chemical composition! Where a joint or cigarette would take a large amount of input herbs to deliver a good high, a vaporizer would let you achieve a much cleaner, better high with a much smaller amount of herbs. This means you won’t have to empty your pocket to keep your alternative herbal treatment going.
  4. Plenty of options: There are several varieties of vaporizers, ranging from small e-cigarettes to tabletop versions. Their modes of operation are different, so you can choose one that suits you best, ranging from manual air intake to automatic airflow. As vaporizers become increasingly modular in nature, there are several customization options available that allow you to personalize your vaporizer with skins, colors and parts.
  5. A wide variety of flavors: Besides vaporizers that heat up and produce pure herbal vapors, you can add a twist to your experience by throwing in different flavors, such as chocolate, strawberry, mint and so on. There are hundreds to choose from and try. This is possible only because of the working principle of vaporizers that relies on heating and vaporizing rather than burning.
  6. Vary the hit’s strength: Modern vaporizers let you alter their operating mode by adjusting their heating temperature. This changes the composition of the vapors which means you can readily alter the strength of the hit you’re taking from the herbs. This is particularly helpful if you want to gradually bring down your herb intake.
  7. Smoking as it is supposed to be: Vaping produces a realistic puff of vapor that appears just like smoke, and gives you a hit that is much more tangible than what a cigarette gives you – right at the back of your throat every time you inhale. Pocket vaporizers even come with glowing tips and cigarette butts to imitate the look and feel of a cigarette!
  8. Avoid smoking restrictions: Even though vaporizing essentially has the same purpose and effect as smoking, it isn’t smoking (because there is no combustion and hence smoke). This implies that vaporizing isn’t subject to the same strict bans and restrictions as smoking are. You can use vaporizers in most public places without anyone frowning on you because it is completely non-obtrusive – no bad odor, no ash and no risk of passive smoke.
  9. Easy to use: Vaporizers may seem like modern gadgetry, but they aren’t difficult to operate. Most can are activated by means of a simple switch and the cartridges can be readily replaced, refilled and reused. The heating element is battery operated – the batteries are either rechargeable or replaceable just as in ordinary electrical appliances. Cleaning a hookah or shisha may be a complex job, but vaporizers can easily be taken apart, cleaned up/maintained and then put back together for continued usage.
  10. No risk of fire: Once again – smoking involves burning and where there is even a tiny spark, there is the risk of it turning into a fire. With vaporizing however, it is a completely different story, since it involves heating, but not burning. There is no risk of a spark or combustion, so you can fall asleep with a vaporizer on and your house and all its belongings will be completely safe. If this was a cigarette or joint, though, there would have been a sizeable risk to your house, family and belongings. You don’t even have to worry about accidently throwing a matchstick in the wrong place!
  11. No smell: Cigarette smoke has a distinctly irritating odor that can irk many non-smokers, and may even repel them from you to the point that they try to avoid conversations or contact with you. Even if you aren’t actively smoking, the odor will most likely be present in your garments and this will be sufficient to repel people who dislike the smell of cigarette smoke. The vapor produced by vaporizers has only a faint smell – and that too of the flavoring. Other than that, there is no lasting pungent odor that gets transferred to your clothes, so you don’t have to worry about a constricted social circle or reproachful stares from strangers. In fact, the flavoring may even lend you an attractive aroma!
  12. No second hand smoke: The vapors produced by vaporizers do not contain any harmful chemicals and are much more controlled than cigarette smoke. This means that those around you have little chance of experiencing passive inhalation.
  13. No stained teeth: Smoking produces tar and other harmful chemicals, which lead to stained teeth, which have a sickly brown-yellow hue, which is extremely unappealing. Moreover, these chemicals lead to a foul lingering mouth odor, which makes it very hard to talk to people up close. Vapors from vaporizing have no such harmful chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about bad breath and dirty teeth.
  14. No smoker’s cough: Once again, vaporizing doesn’t involve inhaling any toxins (as opposed to smoking), so you won’t get the typical cough associated with smoking that occurs because of irritation at the back of your throat.
  15. Negligible cancer risk: Tobacco smoke contains seventy known cancer-causing ingredients – but vapor contains next to nothing. Only traces of nitrosamines are present as a result of nicotine extraction from tobacco, but there are well within FDA approved limits. Cigarettes contain a 1,400 times larger amount of these. It goes without saying, switching from smoking to vaporizing cuts down your risk of cancer almost exponentially.

What are the different types of Vaporizers?

Vaporizers come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, to match the lifestyle of an equally diverse user base. Some models have an external heating element, and utilize a ‘whip’ delivery mechanism whereas others use internal heating and transfer hot air through/over the herbs, through a rechargeable battery (i.e. pen-style or portable vape) or a fan (i.e. forced-air vaporizers). In short, there is a vaporizer to match your personal taste and needs, whether you like to relax at home or stay medicated on the go.

Forced air vaporizers

These are large vaporizers sporting a ‘towering’ style that are meant for use at home. The get their name from the fan they have inside, to force air currents through the heating chamber, over the weeds and into either a whip (direct inhalation) or a balloon bag.

Whip style vaporizers

This is another tabletop variety of vaporizer that draws power from an outlet. It sets up convection currents by means of a nichrome heating element held inside a small box shell. These vaporizers place the weed inside a ‘wand’, so that it gently rests over the heating element – that gets very hot. They are popular because of their convenience; patients can control the strength of the hit they get by varying their breathing.

The aggressiveness of the inhalation directly affects the air that is pulled over the weed present in the wand. They are considered great for starters since they don’t take long to heat up and also let you see how much weed you have consumed.

Portable vaporizers

These are vaporizers designed for convenient mobile usage. In contrast to whip-style and forced-air vaporizers that are pretty much the same in looks and construction. These portable devices come in a several different styles, and you can judge and choose the best for you, from the best portable vaporizer reviews.

There are those that have internally placed batteries that require recharging from a car charger or AC source, and there are those, which can be turned on through a push-in battery.

Pen vaporizers

A subtype of portable vaporizers, these are used mainly for heating marijuana concentrates e.g. waxes or essential oils. They boast incredible stealth and can easily be transported because they look just like e-cigarettes or pens. These devices employ conduction currents since their heating elements, also known as atomizers, are coils that heat the material through direct contact.

They work by screwing the heating chamber inside the rechargeable battery and are started by pressing a small button located on their side. Although several manufacturers claim that they have the best pen vaporizers for vaporizing weeds, these are largely exaggerations since they will combust instead of vaporize your herb (conduction supplies heat much quicker than convection); so you’ll get more ash when you inhale than you will the active ingredient.

Shortly put, pen vapes are recommended only for vaporizing concentrates – not the whole weed itself.

Oil vaporizers

These are devices that work with liquid concentrates, for instance, butane hash oil, also known as BHO. These vaporizers sport either a clearomizer, a cartomizer, or a concentrate chamber that can be replaced. A cartomizer is vape pen attachment that combines the heating coil (atomizer) and the cartridge into a single unit.

They contain a filler material that resembles the filler you might find in a normal atomizer cartridge. On the other hand, a clearomizer is a cartridge that doesn’t contain any filler material at all. They incorporate a metallic tube, which extends up the body’s middle. In some clearomizers, the heating coil is fixed to the tube’s top, whilst in others, it is placed at the bottom.

In either case, a wick of fiber extends from the coil and soaks in the liquid concentrate, carrying it to the coil. To fill up a clearomizer, the top tip has to be taken off and replaced before any inhalation can be done. Occasionally, you may come across certain best vapor pens that, although original made for herbs, will allow for a replaceable concentrate chamber.

There are also oil vaporizers, which can double as effective wax vapes. Actually, the majority of vaporizer pens are made to be completely compatible with either form of weed concentrate. As mentioned before, certain vape pens are touted to work with herbs, as well as herb concentrate – doing this isn’t recommended though since it is far from ideal to ‘mix the streams’ as it is said.

If you are hell bent on using just one device for all three forms, then be sure to use separate liquid and dry chambers.

Wax vaporizes

Another type of best handheld vaporizers are wax vaporizers. These are made to work with solid concentrates e.g. ‘shatter’, ‘errl’ or ‘budder.’ Just like oil vaporizers, wax vaporizers run on a rechargeable battery which heats the clearomizer / cartomizer.

When the concentrate in the tank heats up, the concentrated CBDs and THC are released in the form of a delicious vapor, ready for direct inhalation.

Can I use Vaporizers for Weed

Vaporizing tobacco has been trendy for quite some time, but using vaporizers for weed has is also becoming increasingly popular, as people begin to realize the benefits. Studies have revealed that vaporizing cannabis is much safer, health wise, as compared to smoking it since it exposes the user to a significantly lesser amount of harmful chemicals.

The findings of these studies are significant since between 10 and 20 percent of patients who suffer from conditions such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain and HIV/AIDS have said that they smoke weed for easing their pain.

The Journal of Psychopharmacology contained a study in its May 2008 issue which states vaporizers to be a suitable way to administer THC – the active ingredient in weed. Another study, conducted by University of California, SF, in 2007 said that there was virtually no risk of inhaling the harmful chemicals typically found in weed smoke if a vaporizing device e.g. a portable weed vaporizer, was used.

Yet another study conducted by Leiden University in 2006 found that vaporizers delivered the same THC content as smoking.

All these studies show that vaporizers are medically sound devices for obtaining the benefits of weed such as marijuana and cannabis – a large number of weed smokers have realized this and have switched to vaporizing.

Many carry vape pens for bud inhalation – much more convenient and reliable than the joints used for smoking. And because its vapor instead of smoke, the smell is significantly less strong and quickly dissipates. An added bonus is that with vaporizers you can control the strength of your hit by simply adjusting the heating temperature or varying the strength of your inhalation.

If you were smoking weed, you would have to be an expert in rolling up joints to be able to create variable hit strengths!

A popular variation of vaporizers is the oil vaporizer. They are usually used with hash oil (also called BHO), and are preferred by those who don’t want to carry weed all day long.

The best hash oil pens, being inconspicuous and easy to refill, can be carried around discretely so you can be medicated and comforted as you go about your business.

You can easily find the best vaporizer for weed to match your particular needs through a quick internet search since the idea has caught on a great deal and there are a number of websites dedicated to people’s weed vaping experiences; they share their opinions on what the best weed vaporizer is, and you can read these opinions to make an informed investment.

Top 10 Vaporizers

It can be hard for a novice vaper, or even a seasoned veteran, to choose the best vape pen on their own from the plethora of vaporizer pens available out there. With that in mind, here are some brief vaporizer pen reviews that will help you select the best cheap portable vaporizer.

Pax vaporizer review

Pax Vaporizer by Ploom is a premium portable vaping device that can easily be carried around in your pocket and gives you a clean, pure vapor. Sporting a compact, lightweight, durable and sleek design, the Pax vape is the optimum choice for vaping on the go.

Load its oven with aromatic blends and tamp down lightly. Press the retractable mouthpiece to turn it on and wait for the indicator light to become green (this means it’s heated and ready for inhalation). For the best vaping experience, you can choose between three preset temperatures (which can be selected by taking off the mouthpiece and pressing the temperature cycling button): yellow (370F), orange (390F) and Red (410F).

This vaping device runs on a Li-ion internal rechargeable battery – it charges up in less than 2 hours and lasts for around 2 hours of continuous vaping. Included with the product is its own charging dock for easy charging.

You’ll need to perform some maintenance, since it’s a high precision device. The instructions to which are given in plenty of detailed pax ploom reviews. The base version costs $249.99, which is expensive as far as vaporizers go, but on the other hand, you can’t beat the quality and experience of this device easily.

G Pen Review

Grenco Science’s G Pen vaper is an effective, convenient and seek device that works with solid concentrates. It is one of the best vaporizer pens for beginners as far as ease of use goes. With a push of a button, the G Pen is in operation, providing quality vapor.

With a length of just 5’’, this device is stealthy and easily goes into your pocket for mobile use. The G Pen has a minimalistic design parts wise, so even starters can load up the concentrate in its tank and put together the battery, cartridge and mouthpiece for easy vaping.

Be sure to regularly maintain and clean the device for optimum functionality – the screw threads should be cleaned with a solution of clear alcohol and then thoroughly dried before reuse. The battery should be depleted and allowed to charge full to maximize its life.

As an added bonus, the G battery that comes with device is compatible with several other Grenco Science products! This a pretty cheap device for its features and reliability, costing a mere $64.95!

Atmos RX Vaporizer Review

The Atmos RX, also known as Atmos Raw, is a potent device designed to work with solid concentrates. Its heating element has a coil skillet style and it also features a ceramic filter to instantly produce clean, pure vapors.

Running on a Li-ion battery, the Atmos RX needs to be loaded with solid concentrate prior to operation. A glass filter can also be optionally attached for extra vaporization. When using without the filter, the chamber should be taken out of the battery and filled loosely for good airflow.

When using with the filter, the spring has to be removed from the connected chamber and the filter inserted into the chamber. The concentrate goes above the glass filter. The power button has to be pressed firmly as you draw.

As with all other vaping devices, you will have to maintain/clean the RX on a regular basis. Be sure to disconnect the battery prior to this. The heating chamber should be brushed gently about its walls and contact should be avoided with the element itself. Removing and clearing the airways should clean the filter. A moist paper towel should be used to wipe the rubber mouthpiece, and the battery should be allowed to recharge completely after depletion for optimized life.
The Atmos RX comes at a moderate cost of $129.95.

Cloud 2.0 Vaporizer Review

This vape, produced by Cloud Penz is designed for working with solid concentrates. Easy to load, easy to carry and ready to use at the push of a button, it boasts a new and improved custom atomizer which will work even under heavy use; the chamber, made completely of brass, and the upgraded ceramic dish, have been widened to allow for plenty of space for loading the concentrate. The heating element has also received an upgrade with a titanium coil, to provide purer vapor.

The device sports a Li-ion battery designed for long term usage of around two days. It also has an automatic turn off feature to conserve power – the atomizer switches off after fifteen seconds of non-stop heating. Another great feature is a micro-USB charging port, meaning you can charge it from your PC!

One you’ve fully charged its Li-ion battery, load up the solid concentrates. Take of the tank’s cover and put the concentrates in the atomizer’s cup. Put the cover back on and firmly press the power button to start vaping.

Priced at $79.99, it is by no means a bad deal, especially with the sophisticated battery features and the upgraded atomizer.

Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer review

The Easy Vape is a device, which blends the class box style look with a contemporary touch. It features a ceramic heating element as well as glass on glass parts to yield premium quality vapor. With its LCD display you can precisely set the temperature for your vape. The $100 price tag makes it economical enough for beginners, and the precision features make it a great deal for enthusiasts.

The ground glass technology it packs makes for a highly enjoyable experience that doesn’t even require you to use your hands. A perfect seal is created by the glass heater cover and wand, which yields a smooth vapor each draw. The temperature knob allows for easy and precise temperature setting, which is accurately displayed on the LCD.

Once you’ve set the required temperature, let the device heat up. As you wait, put your blends inside the glass wand firmly. Place the wand over the heater’s cover and start drawing. Keep on adjusting the temperature until you find the perfect hit for yourself.
This unit requires periodic maintenance just like the other ones. Alcohol solution is recommended for cleaning the glass components and the steel screen. Replace the whip tubing when you feel that it has begun to collect residue and hinder airflow.

Extreme Q Vaporizer review

Produced by Canada based company Arizer, this device is a feature rich, multifunctional, tabletop vaporizer. There aren’t many competitors who can beat its efficiency and user friendliness. As a ‘jack of all trades’ device, it yields high quality vapor, that can be delivered via the mechanism of your choosing – forced air (balloon) or direct draw (whip).

The multiple delivery mechanisms are the highlight of the Extreme Q:

  • Direct Draw using Whip: The product packs a 3 inch long whip to allow for direct drawn vaping.
  • Forced Air Assisted Whip: With the EQ’s fan assisted delivery, you can let your longs rest as you inhale vapor through the whip it has included.
  • Forced Air Balloon delivery: The balloon assembly can be attached to the main unit. The fan fills it up with the vapor. All you have to do is detach it and enjoy.

The EQ comes with a remote control to manipulate all its functions, but for those who aren’t comfortable with this, the unit itself can be adjusted thanks to its digital display. You can set the temperature anywhere between 122F and 500F correct to 1 degree. You can even set an automatic turn off feature to conserve power!

Thanks to the power, energy savvy ceramic heating element, as well as the glass on glass parts, you get a highly pure vapor. The product is a bit costly at $239, but when you look at all the features it packs, it is more than justified.

Volcano Vaporizer Review

Representing the epitome of German engineering, this is one of the best tabletop vaporizers you can get. Boasting a premium build quality, remarkable vapor production and easy to use air operation, it yields a vaping experience renowned throughout the industry.

The simple operation makes it devoid of the learning curves associated with usual vaporizers, making it ideal for beginners who want to achieve a high quality vaping experience without hassle.

Of course, this comes at a steep cost – the analog version of the unit costs $420.00, and the digital one add $130 on top of this. You’ll also have to add $120 for a solid valve or easy valve extension. This means that at its cheapest, you’ll have to spend $640 when you purchase it. However, the sheer quality of the vaping experience it lends makes it worth the initial investment.

The Volcano vaporizer uses a vacuum mechanism to pump in fresh air that is filtered. The air is then heated to vaporization temperatures. Hot air is made to pass over your essential oils or aromatic blends to produce vapor, which is fed into the balloon by, forced air. Once the balloon is completely filled, you can detach it and enjoy a premium vape.

The Volcano comes in two models – a digital one and an analog one. The digital one has a clear, bright digital temperature display combined with simple adjustment buttons, which let you, set a temperature in the range of 104F to 446F. The Volcano Digit has an auto turnoff timer that switches it off after half an hour of idleness, preserving both energy and heating element.

The Volcano Classic works just like the Volcano digit, but has a narrower temperature range (266F to 446F) and sets the temperature through an analog dial. It also doesn’t have the auto shutoff feature.

You can also choose between the Solid Valve system that allows for variable balloon sizes and the Easy Valve system (especially for beginners) that works with a fixed balloon size. Both types of valves come with their own balloon replacement material/set.

Vapir NO2 Vaporizer review

This is a precision portable vaping device featuring a fully digital temperature controller. With its ergonomic design, cordless design, you can enjoy a relaxing vape anywhere without the need to be close to a power outlet. The digital display shows the devices actual temperature and the temperature it has been set to (in C/F) as well as the battery life of the device.

To start vaping, just power on the NO2, set it to the appropriate temperature and press the power button to turn on the heater. Wait for it to heat up to the set temperature then take off the top and load the blend into the chamber – make sure that it is finely ground.

Keep it ¾ full tops for optimum results. The NO2 has an automatic turn off feature for its heating element that switches it off after twenty minutes of continued use.

Make sure to regularly clean/maintain the device. The chamber should be cleaned with the brush that comes with the unit. The residue can be removed from the chamber using alcohol solution. Replace the screens at your discretion.

At $150, this unit has a reasonable price for its features.

Da Buddha Vaporizer review

Boasting a level of craftsmanship that matches the Silver Surfer, this device are completely manufactured in the US. It uses a top-notch ceramic heating element in combination with glass on glass parts to yield premium quality vapor.

It works in much the same way as other vaporizers and requires the same kind of regular maintenance. At a price $190.00, it is slightly costly compared to its feature set.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer review

The silver surfer is a top performer, highly customizable tabletop vaporizer that comes in a vast array of designs, colors and heater cover styles to match your unique taste.

Each unit boasts a glass temperature dial, wand and heater cover that is hand blown and separately crafted in Colorado Springs. It uses a top quality ceramic heating element besides glass on glass parts for optimum vapor production.

The heater cover/wand come in spherical ground glass, ground glass and standard glass. This unit works in a way similar to other tabletop vaporizers and requires similar regular maintenance.

The individual craftsmanship used to make each unit leads to a high price of $269.99.

Note that there is no one answers to the question of what is the best vaporizer. You need to clearly set out your requirements and budget before you start searching. A vaporizer that suits your taste perfectly may not be right for the next vaper and so on.